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India Building Materials is online source Of all your building materials requirement and view our national directory of manufacturers,shop owners, suppliers and products. Every Thing regarding Building Materials is Under One platform with IBMC. The detail and information available on this website will provide an insight into the quality products and services available to our customers. IBMC is more than just a business directory (like so many other websites). Instead, we provide an online trading platform for all sellers, buyers, shop owners and service providers around the India. Our focus is on maintaining an active community of professional buyers and sellers.

Reduce your construction cost

India Building Materials will procure all your building materials at consistently low prices. No one merchant can hope to offer competitive prices on all products. India Building Materials uses manufacturers, merchants and specialist suppliers to obtain the most competitive rates for all your building needs. Our Powerful Calculators Help to make estimate of your Construction Cost. It will keep an eye on your Expenditure. Customer make a Balance sheet of all his expenditure regarding each products so he Can watch any time any where what and how he spend in Construction

How This Site Works?

Register your personal or company details with us
Send enquiry listing your material requirements
Manufactures, Suppliers, Distributors, Services Providers send there details and special offers for our costumers to us.
Having obtained the best possible rates India Building will Email back your quotation with its own reference number
Retain the services of India Building and we will source all your material needs on your behalf

What We Have?

Offering a competitive quotation service for all building materials required for your project or contract. Arranging the delivery of your materials to site by using our network of suppliers throughout the India.

The list of building materials available to the trade is immense. India Building Materials is one such website that brings latest information in the construction technology and building material supplies in India. You are also provided with information on manufacturing companies, products they produce and the testing procedure which ensure the quality of their products. Moreover, you can also find directories of building materials manufacturers, shop owners, suppliers, companies, distributors and dealers countrywide. The website will also give you updated information on building material prices, trends, fairs and auctions.

Whether you are building materials supplier or buyer,Shop owner construction services provider or seeker India Building is equally useful platform for all.

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