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India Building is a web based portal created, tested and maintained by a dedicated team of software professionals. The service is designed to cater for latest fast growing needs of suppliers/customers and dealers/promoters/manufacture in India. India Building, the online resource for all your building materials needs in India . Our mission is to provide a global platform where our customers can meet their needs in India. We bring many years of experience in the procurement of building materials within the construction industry.

India Building provide database of manufacturers, suppliers and products for the construction and Service providers India Building Building Materials endeavors to deliver to the buyer the discounts of a large company at the quantities you require. We are able to arrange the delivery of building materials to any location within the India via a network of suppliers based throughout the India.

India Building (IBMC) will act with integrity to provide for our customers the best discounts available to us and will endeavor to procure materials from a reliable source. India Building (IBMC)is not a stockist of materials and relies on supplies from other sources (the supplier).

We strive hard to help the needs of land Seekers in their search for either building materials or construction services & an array of products with its picture , products features and service provider etc., with which one can make an informed decision.

Additionally, our registered users can also select products of their liking and add it to MyFavorites, which can be immensely helpful during the decision making process. As this is done from the convenience of sitting in front of a computer it helps reduce stress, time and money. We facilitate suppliers/buyers by serving as a global platform to showcase their thire products and services to prospective marerials seekers.

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